Entering the green industry over 20 years ago, Bridget enthusiastically began as a seasonal employee at a Colorado parks and recreation department.  Because of her love of the outdoors, she has pursued a career in landscaping where she has received numerous key certifications including Sustainable Landscape Management, nursery professional services, and other various certifications. In addition to her experience in landscape installation and maintenance, Bridget earned her degree in horticulture from Colorado State University as well as becoming an ISA certified arborist.

Bridget learned the value of teamwork as a dual-sport athlete in college and it was there that she realized that a team is stronger than any one individual. Because Genesis is foundationally built with teamwork as one of its central core principles, Bridget brings enormous value to her work and to her clients.  As the Director of Maintenance Operations, Bridget oversees several key company operations with specific focus on the landscape maintenance teams as well as playing an integral role with several significant properties. Through her exemplary leadership, Bridget ensures that each Genesis client remains satisfied with the quality and value that she brings.

In her spare time, Bridget has learned the art of guitar building through luthiery school where she ultimately obtained the status as certified luthier. In addition to this, she is an avid traveler and is always looking for the next great trip, including scenic camping destinations especially if it can be reached through a long hike or kayak.